Specialized Welding
Welcome to Lee Welding. We are a specialized
welding company serving North Texas for over
20 years.

Lee Welding Inc.' pipefitters are highly
experienced welders, certified in various
welding techniques, such as Arc, MIG, TIG,
and Heliarc. They excel in environments where
X-ray quality welds are mandated.

We have both portable and stationary welding
equipment to perform welding in any environment,
from small repairs to major construction. As part
of our Emergency Service program, we can weld
or repair almost anything, any time of any day.
Lee Welding Inc. has specialized equipment for
handling large pipe and other objects to expedite the fabrication process, and can save time/costs by prefabricating in our shop before final installation



Our continuing dedication to quality and many years of industry experience assures our customers of only the highest quality service in the welding of common as well as exotic materials - including: aluminum, magnesium, steels, stainless steels, copper, nickel, titanium and other refractory materials.